An observation on portion control

If you've read prior posts, you know that nutrition has been my Achilles heel for most of my life. This includes both food choices and portion control. I got away with it in high school and in my 20's, but it caught up with me bad in my 30's and I found myself 50 pounds overweight despite a commitment to fitness with no time gaps in training. When I lost the weight last year, I not only improved my food choices, but also had to manage portions (hacks to help with portion control to come in future posts). In the past, it wasn't unusual for me to fill up my plate two or three times per meal. Additionally, I was snacking ravenously in between meals. Despite eating really clean now, portion control continues to be a struggle, and I notice my weight increases when I have a day of overindulging, even though all the choices are healthful. I've read various articles and books that claim you don't have to count calories once you're eating clean, but for me personally that hasn't been the case. While I don't count calories per se, I do have to be mindful of how much I eat. I've also read about how unhealthy foods are designed to promote cravings and overeating, so I assumed once the food choices were better that the ability to moderate portions would be much easier; however, what I've noticed kind of surprised me: my palate shifted, healthy foods began to taste delicious, and portion control was as big of a hurdle as it was when I was eating poorly. While it's probably better to binge on blueberries than Doritos, it's still a little bit frustrating to have to continue to employ portion hacks and develop ways to avoid overeating at meals. I was hoping for an easy way out of moderating portions via clean eating, but it didn't happen. The bottom line: this part of healthy living seems to be a lifelong obstacle. I've read that the more you eat, the faster your metabolism, and the less you eat the slower it becomes, so that could play a role too, but I'm not sure to what degree. If you've transitioned to clean eating and found this to be an issue please share your thoughts or experiences. Feel free to disagree as well if you've found otherwise.

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