Happy birthday Coach Nic!

Happy birthday to my youngest brother and co-owner of amp Coach Nic! I've had the pleasure of being in the foxhole with my partners for 3 years now, fending off naysayers who thought we couldn't pull this thing off, and it's obviously an added bonus when one of those partners happens to be your brother. As my own family has has grown, it's become more and more difficult to spend time with extended family due to time constraints, so it's great having 2 days a week where I know I'm going to get to spend time with my brother. On his special day, I felt it apropos to highlight some of Nic's many assets to our special program. For those of you who don't see the behind the scenes work, his skills extend well beyond being great when working with our athletes. He is highly involved in planning our fitness and sports routines, and pulls from his knowledge and experience working with physical therapists in determining how we can modify movements and sports to better support our athletes. Nic is also in charge of our social media accounts. It took us about a year and a half to gain 1,000 followers. Subsequently, we hit 2k in about 6 months. For 2 months straight now, we will have acquired 1k followers per month. The exponential growth of the social media accounts is directly related to his consistent efforts to create engaging posts, support colleagues and other accounts with related content, and networking with pro athletes, community agencies, and other prospective collaborators via social media. The fidget spinners of the world are the exception, not the rule. Most successful people do so by grinding consistently, operating with integrity, and commitment to self-improvement and continuing education. I am proud to say that he embodies all of those things. Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day.   

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  • What can we say about Nick!!! We love him and we wish for him only the best things live has to offer..good health…..much happiness..and to never ever waiver as you know first hand how hard it is to achieve a goal and if you put your mind to it and surround yourself with encouraging people its a no brainer…The work you have been chosen to do with JT and his friends and the example you set to the other people in the field is amazing..keep that bar high…we miss you and hope we can all get back to life real soon….But enjoy your day in quarantine….Love JT and Donna

    JT and Donna

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